Pediatric Nurse Degree Requirements

In order to become a pediatric nurse, you will need to take various courses first. Below is the list of Pediatric Nurse Degree Requirements.

Nursing Degree or Diploma

First of all, to be pediatric nurse, you should be able to acquire a degree in nursing. This is a necessity to practice any kind of nursing job. You may choose taking up a four year bachelor’s degree course or a 3 year diploma program. If you do not want to spend so much time and money for a bachelor’s degree or diploma program,

Pediatric nurses are nurses who deal with children the age of 0 to 16. Basically, a pediatric nurse do what a normal nurse does but they are more focused on children.

you can choose Associate Degree course which can take up to two years. These three steps are the fundamentals of being eligible for becoming registered nurses. Only if you have this are you be able to take the NCLEX or National Council Licensure Examination. Master’s degree is an advantage too, if you are planning to be able to practice in the various branches of nursing such as pediatric nursing.


Of course, major part of the Pediatric Nurse Degree Requirements is licensure. All nurses are required to pass the NCLEX to be able to practice nursing. There are two kinds of this exam; The NCLEX-RN for those who want to be registered nurses, and NCLEX-PN for those who want to be practical nurses.

Pediatric Nurse Certification

Besides the main license that nurses should have, to become a pediatric nurse, you should acquire a pediatric nurse certification. This certification is issued by Pediatric Nursing Certification Board. To be able to take this exam, you need two years of nursing experience first.

Clinical Experience

As we’ve said earlier, in order to be eligible to take the Pediatric nurse certification exam, you should have 2 years of experience first. Experience will include patient care, home health care, clinical research, and consultation pediatric nursing. Clinical experience from versant pediatric residency is also an advantage.

After completing these Pediatric Nurse Degree Requirements, you will be able to begin practicing as a pediatric nurse. Becoming a certified pediatric nurse will make finding a job easier for you and will absolutely boost your career.

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